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The New Barn

Updated: Mar 6

We designed our new barn nail to nail ourselves by pulling from our experience - our dreams and professional time spent at various other barns. We knew from the start we wanted to add on to our existing barn and had an idea of the size it should be. From there it was trial and error. Our tack and feed rooms went through several iterations. We sketched and drew up plans; we spray painted the ground several times and scratched our heads. We talked about placement and lean-to's and fros. I'm sure our hands-on approach aggravated a few prospective builders until we got our final idea roughly in place.

We interviewed many companies, wood, steel, and metal builders, and decided to use Blitz Builders, a local builder out of Huntingburg, IN, to demo and erect our blue-printed dream. We thought of (almost) everything. Of course, if you have ever built something from scratch and thought you covered everything; you will find, that once it's erected there are things you want to change - or things you may have missed!

Blitz's engineer, Doug Bolin, helped us tremendously when it came down to putting the final touches on our new vision. We added skylights and multiple avenues of electrical lighting for a bright aisleway. We made the stalls versatile with double Dutch paddock doors and large enough for our 16- 17 hand friends. We wanted double glass-topped sliding barn doors for natural light and warmth in the winter. We vented it with a cupola and added an eagle to remember my father who passed in 2020. He always said in his next life he'd like to be an eagle. I'd like to think he is watching over us every time we are out and about the farm. I know he listens to the neighbors riding their four-wheelers and dirt bikes and smiles.

The barn was completed in early Summer 2023. We are just now putting the finishing touches on it and plan to install stable mattress systems this Spring. The stalls have been stained a beautiful ArborCoat color of Spanish Moss, which is a nice dark grayish-brown hue. The indoor water hydrant is going in for winter watering ease. We are testing out the cross ties in our 14-foot aisle and let me just tell you HOW much Off-Track Thoroughbreds like cross ties! Although, that's nothing that a little time can't teach. I'll chalk it up to good old-fashioned barn fun. Last but not least, the boys will have individual stall fans making them ready to beat the sure-to-come summer heat! 

(Coming Soon)

Next on the list is a 55’ round pen outside the barn doors where the wash bay is located. This will be key for the beginner's lessons. Keep on the lookout for the new round pen updates!

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